Fresh out of school, most students don’t know what they like and want to do in the future. Trying out internships and live projects in various fields can help help you identify your area of interest.

Don’t be afraid of venturing into a domain you don’t know much about as long as you find it intriguing. Internships are all about learning.

If you already have an inkling about your preferences, then doing an internship in that domain can help you gain real-world insights on how things work and solidify your interests. You get to interact with professionals, learn from them and even build your own network.

Not to mention, they can be a great addition to your CV as they help you in the corporate world and show the recruiters that you can manage your time well. Having said that, doing internships just for certificates is not advisable.

How to find an Internship?

A great way to find Internships/live projects is via your college placement cells, asking your seniors and friends and various websites like LinkedIn. So get out there and explore!