Job at JPMorgan (Job News): JPMorgan Chase & Co. in India is providing a job opportunity as an Applications Support to students of various courses. It is one of the best Job openings available to students.

About JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Job News):-

During the Gilded Age, John Pierpont Morgan (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913) was an American financier and banker who controlled corporate finance on Wall Street.

He was a driving factor behind the wave of industrial consolidation in the United States that spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries as the chairman of the banking corporation that eventually became known as J.P. Morgan & Co.

Morgan wielded significant power over the nation’s policies and the market forces that underpin its economy due to the degree of his dominance over U.S. finance. He assembled a coalition of financiers to save the American monetary system from collapse during the Panic of 1907.

Roles & Responsibilities:-

  • Designs, develops, tests and delivers the software to automate manual operational work
  • Troubleshoots priority incidents, conducts blameless post-mortems and ensures permanent closure of the incidents
  • Engages with development team throughout the life cycle to help develop software for reliability
  • Applies analytics on the past data like incidents and usage patterns for predicting issues and takes proactive actions
  • Drives adoption of self-healing and resiliency patterns such as circuit breaker, bulkhead etc.
  • Designs and conducts the performance tests, identifies the bottlenecks, opportunities for optimization and the capacity demand
  • Defines and drives adoption of a best in class monitoring frameworks to accomplish end to end flow monitoring and noiseless alerting
  • Deploys the software and product upgrades
  • Adds value to team delivery and works with team to complete tasks to high quality and actively learns new skills
  • Facilitates maximum speed of delivery by objectively binding to error budgets of the service
  • Manages the effort split between manual operational work and engineering work
  • Coaches other team members and manages teams as needed
  • Design and implement automations for routine processes
  • Support the day-to-day maintenance with a focus on reducing toil or technical debt of the applications while maintaining a high degree of system availability
  • Maintain and create all application and instance alerts as it relates to site reliability
  • Evaluate and modify infrastructure autoscaling as necessary for reliable operation
  • Maintain (evaluate and upgrade) all platform required applications and libraries
  • Control application log collection and analysis
  • Troubleshoot issues across the entire application stack
  • Perform in-depth research and identify sources of production issues
  • Identify efficiencies and ways to improve processes
  • Build monitors and alerts to ensure timely notifications on the health of critical systems
  • Ensuring automated jobs run as scheduled and logs are completed in accordance with established procedures
  • Participate in Disaster Recovery events and Major Event Changes
  • Provide on-call support on a rotating schedule or as needed for emergency situations, including outside of normal business hours
  • Manage the application risk to ensure the security and resiliency of the application are in compliance with firm and regulatory requirements


  • Expert in at least one technology stack with designing, coding, testing , delivering software
  • Expert practitioner in one or more technology domains, may be a cross-domain expert able to solve complex and mission critical problems within a business or across the firm
  • Working knowledge of infrastructure components. (E.g. Routers, load balancers , cloud products , container systems , compute, storage and networks)
  • Excellent debugging and trouble shooting skills
  • Expert in in performance monitoring and capacity management of large systems using various tools
  • Experience with the Agile delivery methodology
  • Proficiency in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Operational knowledge of modern DevOps stack (E.g. Git, Jules, Jenkins, ServiceNow ICA, AIM) and ability to troubleshoot its processes
  • Basic knowledge of operating system administrations / access control – MS Windows, Linux / UNIX
  • Good knowledge of scripting languages (E.g. GO / PYTHON / PERL / UNIX SHELL / POWERSHELL / AUTOSYS / BATCH)
  • Ability to follow and enhance code in JAVA and / or .Net
  • Experience with system integration  / app troubleshooting  / app optimizations, server deployments, application startups, connectivity, load balancing, firewalls, app performance
  • Working knowledge of messaging technologies; JMS, MQ Series, Kafka
  • Advanced User or DBA experience with relational databases: MS SQL, DB2 or Oracle.
  • Experience with app containers: WebSphere AS clusters; IIS/Microsoft Server; Tomcat; Spring Boot; Docker
  • Working knowledge of monitoring tools (E.g. AppD, Splunk, Dynatrace, Netcool, Tivoli)
  • Good understanding of SRE concepts and drive for prod automation.


  • Bengaluru, Karnataka

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  • This JPMorgan Job is available on JPMorgan Careers Portal. Link to apply: Click Here

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