Tie your shoes and get ready to fight for the character you’ve grown up watching, how hard you love the character about whom you’ve read and watched in a movie.

Shipwreck: A Debate Competition

English Literary Society, SRCC brings to you, Shipwreck, a competition to bring out the die heart fan and love inside you for a fictional character. 

Event Details(Shipwreck):-

In the competition, the participants will have to choose a role of their choice, the opponent will get the opposite role. It can be any fictional character. So, the ship is sinking and the captain can save only one of them. So, both of them have to fight for their character as to why do they deserve to be saved.

Details of the Rounds:

Preliminary Round- Participants will showcase their writing skills and creative thinking by preparing a monologue defending their favourite character, in the situation “why should the captain of a sinking ship save your character over others?”

Final Round- The final round will put to test your spontaneity as well, as selected participants will now have to defend the characters of our choice.

Do register, for the sake of your favourite character’s survival!

Registration Link:-

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