Hello everyone!🌱

The Environmental Society of St. Stephen’s College is back with a bigger and better edition of our annual flagship event, Envision 2021!🌈

Riveting case studies, Policy proposals, Synergistic tasks & more!

About Event (Envision 2021):-

The event will have 3 levels:

  • Level 1 – Short Quiz on Dare2Compete Platform
  • Level 2 – Case Study & Policy Proposal
  • Level 3 – Project Proposal


Level 1-

  • 15 questions need to be answered in 20 minutes.
  • The top 30% of participants submitting the maximum number of correct answers in the shortest time period will proceed to the next level.

Level 2-

  • This level has 2 parts – a Case Study and a Policy Proposal. 
  • A case would be provided to the participants and they’ll have to study the situation and case. On further analysis, they will have to formulate a policy.

Level 3-

  • We will welcome proposals from the participants who see an opportunity to address an environmental issue in our community or region.
  • For the best project creators, The Environmental Society can serve as a start-up hub, if appropriate, to organize support, take up the project and implement it.

Important dates:-

Level 1-

  • Date- 8th November 2021
  • Time- 7:00 PM

Level 2-

  • Submission Dates: 9th – 14th November 2021

Level 3-

  • Submission Dates: 22nd – 29th November 2021


  • Open to all
  • Teams of up to 2
  • Cross-institutional teams allowed


  • Cash prizes worth 5,000 at stake and Certificates from Level 2 onwards

Contact Details:-

  • Arati Jose- 9718741475
  • Binit Tete- 7488785040

Registration Link:-

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